• 1917-2017

    The Bumgarner family is honoring the century mark for the opening of the 320 South Boston Building (1917) and her stalwart sisters, the Kennedy Building (1916) and the Mid-Continent Tower (1918), all of which stand at the intersection of 4th & Boston. Very few of Tulsa’s oil capitol buildings survived the Urban Renewal era of 1965-1975. And unlike many of those that did survive, these three buildings never fell into disuse or abandonment.

    To honor that perseverance, the Bumgarners commissioned the award-winning book, 4th & Boston: Heart of the Magic Empire to tell the story of these three remarkable buildings, the men who built them, and the city that surrounds them. The project was originally intended to be produced strictly as a gift to tenants in these buildings. As the story evolved, however, it became apparent that it would be a shame to restrict distribution to such a small audience. Thus, the decision was made to expand production enough to make a limited number available to the general public.

    4th & Boston: Heart of the Magic Empire 

    For more information, call (918) 592-1774 or email BradiG@bostonavenue.com