About Us

BAM, an acronym for Bumgarner Asset Management, is owned by Tulsa’s Bumgarner family and is operated by the father-and-son team of John and Chris Bumgarner. The Bumgarner family has deep roots in Tulsa that began in 1903 when John’s grandfather, A.A. Bumgarner, came to Tulsa and established a grocery store at 15 East 2nd Street. A.A. was successful in business and established a family tradition of community service through his work as a board member for Tulsa Public Schools. The cornerstone of the old Central High School building at 6th & Cincinnati bears his name as chairman of the building committee.

In 1987, John Bumgarner was a senior executive with the Williams Companies when he successfully acquired the 320 South Boston and Kennedy buildings thus joining his grandfather in connecting the Bumgarner name to historically significant properties of Tulsa’s oil boom era. His ownership of 320 and Kennedy opened up an unexpected opportunity in 2011 when John and Chris submitted a winning bid for ownership of the Mid-Continent Tower in a competitive, court-administered auction with several bidders.

For more than a generation, the Bumgarner name has met the gold standard as both a caretaker of historical properties and a developer of new properties. As a result, BAM now manages Downtown and Midtown Tulsa’s most diverse, significant, and prestigious portfolio of commercial real estate. Quality of work and service to both our customers and our community will continue to be hallmarks of the Bumgarner legacy.