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Our Covid-19 Response

As we transition to a post-COVID world, we remain committed to preserving the health of our tenants, their families, and their businesses.

Increased Sanitization

In addition to our regular cleaning routine, we are cleaning “high-touch” surfaces and “high-traffic” areas with increased frequency during business hours to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This includes common areas, conference room tables, kitchens, print areas, elevator lobby panels & buttons, door handles, light switches, entrance doors, hand sanitizer dispensers, manual faucets, pantry surfaces, restroom surfaces, and handrails.

Private Offices

Private offices are cleaned every 7-10 days including sanitizing accessible surfaces (desks, chairs, etc.). Additional cleaning services are available upon request for a fee.

Cleaning Products

In partnership with our Janitorial service providers, we use disinfectant products to clean our spaces, such as EPA-registered products in the United States.

Mail & Packaging

Our community teams are practicing contactless mail and package delivery. Sanitizing wipes and gloves will be made available to members to use when handling these items.

HVAC Operations

We’re working to enhance our HVAC standards to align with local industry best practices. However, as operational oversight and systems vary by building, our approach to implementation differs on a location-by-location basis.

Optimizing Air Provision

Extending ventilation systems’ running time to reduce concentration of airborne particles between occupied periods.

Filtration monitoring

We are continuing to follow filter maintenance and replacement schedules, ensuring alignment with manufacturer recommendations.

HEPA Standards

All filtration systems use HEPA filters or filters of greater quality. For building-specific quesions, ask your building manager.

Behavioral Signage

New, printed signs are installed throughout our spaces, providing guidance and clear instructions on new best practices. You’ll find them in: print nooks, lounges, meeting rooms, nooks, hallways, elevator lobbies, and restrooms.

Directing Traffic

Vinyl floor decals and wayfinding wall signs will help you maintain distance and direct foot traffic flow through spaces. You’ll find them in: hallways, elevator lobbies, and common areas

Buffered Seating

Colored vinyl decals indicate available seating for members, to provide buffer space between individuals. You’ll find them in all common areas with available seating.

Sanitization Equipment

Both wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers will be conveniently located throughout common areas for all tenants and their visitors.

Office Spaces

Sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer and dispensers will be available for purchase, pending market availability and supply chain factors.

PPE Available Upon Request

Tenants and their visitors may request face masks upon entering the building, pending market availability and supply chain factors.

Read the CDC's Recommendations for Office Buildings

All our buildings follow the CDC's recommendations for the protection of our tenants and visitors.

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Have Any Questions about Our Covid Policies and Guidelines?

Contact your building manager, call us at +1 (918) 584-1414 or message us.

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